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Vonage Conversation Analyzer is your complete speech analytics solution. By integrating with Sales or Service Cloud, you can discover new findings to help with quality management, best practice, compliance, coaching and more — all designed to boost the customer experience.
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“Being able to understand the tone and emotion in a conversation is a really nice feature, and Vonage’s solution brings in the metadata and analytics that allow contact centre teams to take action on those insights.”

Dave Michels, Principal Analyst, TalkingPointz

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Perfect new approaches in no time

Become a market leader through continuous improvement.
  • Effortless call analysis lets you monitor, identify and optimise
  • Find best practices quickly with intelligent call categorisation, minus random call sampling
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Stay on top of compliance

Find issues before they become a problem.
  • All calls are automatically transcribed and analysed
  • Quickly identify and correct concerns
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Distill the science of sales

Identify and share what makes your best salespeople excel.
  • Conversation Analyzer breaks down call content into categories and displays graphically
  • Quickly uncover, understand and act on the details that drive performance

Deliver award-winning service

Follow the lead of your best service providers to better connect with customers.
  • Accessible graphic displays help dissect insights
  • Share skills with team easily to make every conversation count and elevate support levels

Conversation Analyzer features

Einstein Analytics integration helps visually segment and analyse customer conversations.
Conversation Analyzer transcribes and logs calls into Salesforce objects, such as contacts, cases and custom objects.
Conversation Analyzer transcribes, tags and analyses customer conversations.
With automatic voice call analysis, you can spotlight trends quickly.
Conversation Analyzer pairs call recordings with transcripts and metrics to help better understand a conversation.
Identify insights and trends instantly — and assess your team’s compliance and product knowledge.

Deliver award-winning service

Follow the lead of your best service providers to better connect with customers.

Contact Center Speech Analytics

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